Delco Foods is committed to providing high quality products with the highest level of service and we’re also concerned about doing the right thing for the environment.  Our sustainability efforts are ongoing as we work to deliver a green future.  Our initiatives include:

  • Fleet Management: We have converted nearly half our fleet of trucks to natural gas.  Delco also partnered with GAIN Fuel to open a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station near our facility.  With all of the trucks we have on the road each day, our goal is to reduce our fuel emissions’ footprint and use domestic energy from here in the Midwest.
  • Energy Management: Our warehouse uses only high efficiency lighting. All aisle lighting operates on a LED motion-sensor system. In addition, all of our office lighting runs on LED bulbs. We have converted all of our refrigeration to an eco-friendly system – any emissions that escape will not the damage ozone. Delco has also installed a 95% energy efficient HVAC in cooler, freezer and throughout the building.
  • Recycling: We recycle all plastic and cardboard throughout the office and warehouse. Delco Foods uses only post-consumer recyclable corrugated boxes in our box printing operation as well and in the cheese processing division. Our pizza boxes are part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified Sourcing. The SFI label certifies that the materials come from recycled content, or from a certified forest. All fiber must be from non-controversial sources.
  • Food Bank Donations: Delco has an ongoing relationship with local food banks and make frequent donations to make sure food waste is minimal.
  • Local Products: We source locally and regionally whenever possible, but make sure that quality is the determining factor when selecting products for our customers.
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