About Us

Delco Foods, a specialty and Italian food distributor, offers customers throughout the Midwest premium products sourced from around the world as well as locally. We are proud to be an Indiana-owned, family-run company that has been in business since 1956, and as a family business, we understand the importance of partnerships.  Delco is committed to the success of our customers and employees, and promotes that success by building and nurturing strong relationships.

We use nothing but the best products.  Before we call it a Delco product, we taste it, our in-house chefs test it, the owners sample it, and then we test it again.  With state-of-the-art temperature controls in our warehouse and on our trucks, all products are stored and delivered in their ideal state to the customer.  Not only do we pride ourselves in our service to our customers, but also in the cleanliness of our warehouse.  Every year, we elect to have an AIB audit to ensure our warehouse surpasses expectations.

While there are several broad line distributors, we are one of the leading independent Italian food specialists in the Midwest and are focused on what our customers do.   No one else carries the full breadth of products to meet customers’ custom needs.  We import directly, by the container load, items such as olive oil, prosciutto, Greek olives, balsamic, and imported cheese.  Those items that are domestic are the best possible brands you can find in a kitchen – including Vermont butter, Neuske’s bacon, fresh Amish chicken, Tribeca artisanal Breads, and LaQuercia specialty meats to name a few.  In addition, we process custom cheese blends daily without additives, print custom pizza boxes, and have a beverage division that supplies LaVazza Italian coffee and espresso.  We carry this specialty coffee as well as artisanal teas and coffee/espresso/tea equipment.

We look forward to learning more about your business and creating a successful partnership with you.

Adding something special to specialty foods for more than 60 years.