Foods Trends in 2019

by Daniel Thor, Director of Marketing, Bellissimo Foods

The pizza segment is as saturated a food segment as you can get. New entrants into the market

cause constant disruption to the traditional mom & pop pizzeria. Although the ever-changing pizza concept might challenge the traditional independent Mom & Pop pizzeria it has kept the pizza category on the forefront of food trends.  As a segment with so much history, it’s good to see the pizza industry as a whole constantly pushing forward.

From new tastes to how people eat, here are some of the newest foodservice trends to watch in 2019:

  • While a healthy diet is not a new trend, the ingredients that consumers are using to achieve a tasty healthy option are. Carob powder as an imitation cocoa, to clarified Ghee butter typically used in Asian/middle eastern food, chefs are adding new ingredients and flavors to increase the health benefits of their menu – expect this trend to transition to the mainstream foodservice segment.
  • Consumers are starting to look more for socially conscious restaurants, those that give back to the local community in varied ways – supporting local sports teams, hiring those with disabilities, or reducing waste are all seen as positive social activities that are as easily promoted.
  • We are going to eventually need to stop thinking that cannabis is taboo. In a recent study 72% of consumers agreed that they would patron a restaurant that used cannabis in its food, and 45% would patron a restaurant that used cannabis in their drinks. One conversation I had recently with a small C-Store chain purchasing manager revealed that they were eventually going to need to hire a category manager for the cannabis segment.
  • Snacking and grab and go options are on the rise. Two fifths of 18-24 year olds are snacking more than they were two years ago. They are trending towards to-go options such as protein snacks, or grab and go boxes. Think about adding a quick serve station or to-go options in your operation.
  • Food options are getting closer and closer to where people live and work. Restaurateurs are adding branches to get closer to the consumers. The following are specialty service segments that are here to stay.

o Food Trucks – Mobile curbside food vendors

o Food Halls – Modern, urban spin on a food court, with a lot of vendors in one central location that service quality food and drinks.

o Micromarkets – self-service market places or grab and go formats that are typically seen in an office environment.

As an operator you are subject to significant competitive challenges.  It might be hard (and time consuming) to bring your head above the clouds every once and while to think about your operation at the 10,000 ft level, but we urge you to challenge yourself and your operation. Which of these trends are you seeing in your market? If there are any missing could that be an opportunity for you to expand your presence, try something new, or get closer to your customers.

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