Sy Ginsberg Deli Meats

Anyone who has stepped foot inside an authentic delicatessen knows it is about history, tradition and uncompromising dedication and, well, meat.

Sy Ginsberg grew up with pickle juice and spicy mustard practically coursing through his veins. He started working in a deli at age 15 cleaning out pickle barrels and worked his way up to running two very successful delicatessens in Detroit before founding United Meat & Deli in 1982.

Sy wanted customers to have an authentic deli experience. He spent eight months perfecting his corned beef recipe and the rest, as they say, is history.

Deli Delite Cooked Corned Beef Brisket (#252603 – 3 / 9-12 lb avg)
Each piece is hand trimmed and perfectly seasoned with Sy’s own special pickling cure recipe to create the signature flavor of Sy Ginsberg Corned Beef. Each cut is carefully packed to ensure freshness and moistness from factory to deli plate.Cooked Corned Beef Brisket is made from Briskets trimmed to a 1/8” maximum fat coverage. Highest Deli Quality. Fully Cooked.

Deli Delite Cooked Corned Beef Flat Round (#252602 – 2 / 4-6 lb avg)
Beef flat round. Hand trimmed cuts. Optimum fat-to-lean ratio. Sy’s own pickling cure recipe. Pre-cooked cuts. Vacuum packed to ensure flavor and moistness.

Navel Pastrami (#252614 – 2 / 5 lb)
A well-marbled delicacy!  If you’re not afraid of some fat (which is where the flavor is, anyway) you’ll love this pastrami!


Adding something special to specialty foods for more than 60 years.