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We’re always searching for the newest, highest quality, most delicious foods in the world. Our goal is to be your trusted source for everything in the kitchen. If we don’t have what you need, simply ask and we’ll do our very best to meet your needs.

Here’s the latest:

Mediterranean Sea Bass (Branzino)

From the Aegean Sea, Harvest of the Sea’s Branzino fillets are all-natural, skin-on and boneless, leaving no wasted product.  Individually vacuum packed for ease of use – no GMOs, no colorants and no land animal byproducts.

#371500 - Branzino Sea Bass 6 oz - 1/10 lb

Corkscrew Shrimp

These all natural and sustainable raw shrimp are lightly dusted and seasoned.  Made from raw, tail-off peeled and deveined 31/35 ct white shrimp.

#371080 – Raw Dusted Corkscrew Shrimp – 2/5 lb

Freezer to Oven Dough

These doughs were designed to rise and develop their airy texture, artisan flavor and perfect chew in your oven.  Use these doughs right from the freezer, add toppings and bake.  Talk to your Delco Sales Representative today about our newest line of doughs.

#212012 – 12″ Freezer To Oven Dough 

#212014 – 14″ Freezer To Oven Dough 

#212016 – 16″ Freezer to Oven Dough 

1923 Premium Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% Tuscan olive oil from Sogno Toscano.  1923 is a raw, unfiltered olive oil, designed in Italy, hand picked in Italy, hand picked in Italy, first cold pressed in Italy, packed in Italy.

#280405 – Tuscan Olive Oil – 4/3 liter

Maestri Prosciutto

Authentic Italian meats from passionate family-owned producers.  Maestri prosciutto is minimally processed as they are made with select fresh raw ingredients following time-honored recipes.  Ask your Delco Sales Representative about this impressive line of prosciutto.

#1004264 – Prosciutto Italiano – 1/13 lb leg

#251402 – Prosciutto Di San Daniele – 1/16 lb

#1002613 – Prosciutto Cotto – 1/18 lb

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