Chocolate & Caramel Sauce

King’s Cupboard’s story began 25 years ago with a single jar of impeccable bittersweet chocolate sauce. Made from the finest pure and simple ingredients, their kosher certified, gluten-free dessert sauces will easily enhance and complement almost anything!

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce
#1004861          4/10 lb pail
Drizzle on desserts, fresh fruit and baked goods, use as a frosting for brownies or as a layer in cakes, swirl in cheesecakes, stir into coffee or milkshakes, use as a fondue for dipping fruit, pretzels or nuts.

Caramel Cream Sauce
#1004862           4/10 lb pail
Made with rBGH (rBST)-free dairy ingredients, this sauce can be drizzled on frozen desserts, fresh fruits and baked goods, incorporated into cheesecakes, used as a fondue, drizzled on baked brie cheese, and used as a glaze for chicken, pork or ham.

Adding something special to specialty foods for more than 60 years.