Range-Free Burgers

Our planet is hungry for creative, sustainable ways to feed our rapidly growing human family. At Hungry Planet™, they set out on a mission to match traditional meat textures and tastes with healthy plant-based ingredients, and to make them accessible to everyone regardless of age, income or geography. Developed in the heart of the Midwest, their foods are hearty and satisfying with a focus on food taste, not food tech. With their culinary expertise and passion for the planet, they aim to mainstream plant-based meats and make them a preferred protein in kitchens across the globe at least once a week.

#1004842 Vegan Range-Free Patty is 5.3 ounces of hearty taste and texture, created in the Midwest for serious meat lovers who want a delectable, healthy plant-based option. It’s received rave reviews from consumers, chefs, professional athletes, and celebrities because it can be swapped for a traditional beef patty and few will even know the difference. The Range-Free beef patty is made with no gluten and no genetically modified ingredients and is certified vegan.

#1004845 Vegan Bulk Ground Beef is crafted specifically for culinary professionals to substitute 1:1 for traditional beef in any dish, including burgers. Chefs simply add custom spices and create the exact size/thickness burger patty desired. Burger joints in the USA and Australia are having wild success with their house-made hearty vegan patties that satisfy every diner.

Premium ground Hungry Planet Beef also works beautifully in sliders, bolognese sauce, chili, lasagna, Sloppy Joes, tacos, nachos, pizza topping — literally any recipe that features traditional ground beef. Happy plant-based cooking and bon appetit!

100% plant-based … Non-GMO … No gluten … No trans or polyunsaturated fat


Adding something special to specialty foods for more than 60 years.