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Delco Celebrates 60 Years

It’s Delco’s 60th anniversary so we thought we’d share our history with you.

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Food Quality Integrity

Food integrity is intrinsic to food safety and food ingredients at every level.

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Food Borne Illness Impact

Are you doing everything you can to avoid food borne illnesses?

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We explain why the millennial generation is important to you.

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Something Delicious from Delco

Seprata Loaves

We are proud to introduce an amazing new line of specialty meats.

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New Product Spotlight

Maestri Prosciutto

Authentic Italian meats from passionate family-owned producers.  Maestri prosciutto is minimally processed as they are made with select fresh raw ingredients following time-honored recipes.  Ask your Delco Sales Representative about this impressive line of prosciutto.

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Adding something special to specialty foods for more than 60 years.